Sector Report Series

Sector Reports are in-depth reports on various sectors pertaining to the Bangladesh economy. Sector reports can cover large organized industries with professional associations and several thousand competitors or small fledgling business segments that have the potential to grow and contribute to the Bangladesh economy and society.

  • Influencer Marketing: A Closer Look”_Zarif Ajhan Dhruba and Sajid Amit_November 2021:
    The word “influence” made its entry into the English language as an astrological term meaning the exercise of occult powers by heavenly bodies to affect human actions and destinies. Of course, the word does not imply anything occult in modern parlance. It simply refers to a person with the power to alter human decisions. To be more specific, influencers are people who share their opinions on products, services, and brands every day using the help of social media. They can be acknowledged as opinion leaders who communicate with a large network of followers. Social Media Influencers are contracted by brands to provide authenticity and credibility to their products. In this white paper, we provide an overview of the influencer marketing industry and its various features. 

  • An Overview of the Bangladesh Capital Markets”_Sajid Amit_April 2016:
    The report discusses the establishment and growth of capital markets in Bangladesh, including the two major bubbles and crashes (1996 and 2010). An overview of the current state of the market is presented as well as a discussion on its future outlook.

  • E-Commerce in Bangladesh”_Ahmed Saad Ishtiaque and Adib Sarwar_January 2016:
    The report provides an overview of the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh, analysis of different types of e-commerce businesses, regulatory developments, business strategies, and challenges to the sector. Rapidly growing mobile phone and internet penetration in Bangladesh has spurred entrepreneurs to envision and implement a variety of online business platforms. This sector report highlights such growth trends and also shares findings from a focus group discussion of e-commerce practitioners and experts.


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