Knowledge Note

CES Knowledge Notes offer insights into diverse cutting-edge issues affecting businesses, the macroeconomy, and society in Bangladesh and beyond. These research pieces will provide readers with up-to-date analysis on various crucial topics of interest to researchers, civil society, and policy-makers.

  • CES Knowledge Notes_Impact of ChatGPT & AI on University Education_Nazifa Mussarrat_March 2023:
    The newest addition to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ChatGPT. It is an advanced AI language model designed to provide assistance and insights to its users in the form of a chatbot. While ChatGPT has opened up a whole new avenue for internet users, with its benefits ranging from being able to generate quick responses to specific queries, produce valuable insights and even provide information that might not be readily available elsewhere, there are some potential downsides that have struck up much discourse. The effect of ChatGPT on the world of education and research and whether it will eventually replace teachers and researched with its ability to provide analysis with human-like expertise has stirred up a real rhetoric all around. The impact of ChatGPT and AI on university education is analysed and discussed in this article.

  • CES Knowledge Notes_Can doing good be good for business?_Syeda Nusaiba Hossain_October 2021:
     Many business leaders associate environmental sustainability with increased expenses and reduced profits. However, what if being environmentally sustainable led to higher profits in the long run? Many businesses have tried incorporating greener policies and initiatives for some time now, and there are lessons to be learned from their stories. The white paper will take a look at some of the criticisms and benefits of the aforementioned policies and highlight initiatives by global and Bangladeshi companies that are enjoying growth and profitability despite and perhaps due to greening initiatives. 

  • CES Knowledge Notes_Socio-Economic Implications of Disability-Inclusive Education: Global and Local Views _Lumbini Barua_November 2018:
    Disability-inclusive education has recently come under great international and local attention, owing to its importance to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This education approach has been linked with academic and social benefits for all students, disabled or otherwise; and significant economic benefits for the countries. Given the importance of this topic, this CES Knowledge Note assesses the current situation with regard to disability-inclusive education in Bangladesh, and articulates its benefits, with the hope of generating public and private sector attention to this area.

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