About the MOOC

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a part of the “Building Resilient Universities Project” (BRUP) that is being implemented by CES of ULAB.

BRUP is funded by a prestigious US-based donor and has achieved a rank of 39 globally by the renowned World Universities with Real Impact (WURI). The Top 10 universities are mostly IVY League Universities and other leading universities of the world.

This MOOC has been the first one in Bangladesh dedicated to the promotion of diversity, tolerance, and pluralism. There are 14 lectures in this course. The course, being self-paced, allows the participants to take the sessions at any point in students’ own time.

Expected Learning Outcomes

The online lectures touch areas of the Rights of Muslims in the West, Terrorism in Bangladesh, Safe Use of Social Media, Leadership for Girls in Madrasahs, Women in the Workplace, the Realities of Tribal and Ethnic Minorities, etc. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to evaluate diversity in terms of justice to individuals and socially excluded groups. They will also have a greater understanding of how it may benefit society as a whole. As a result, the participants will be more accepting of people who are diverse in their identities, values, and ideas.

Signing up for the Course

The online course is available on the Bohubrihi website, an Ed-Tech platform based in Bangladesh. You can enroll in the course by clicking here.

Course Lecturers

The course has been delivered by 8 domestic and international academics, practitioners, and experts with experience in interdisciplinary work. Their details are as follows:

Dr. Tariq Modood, OBE
Founding Director
Research Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, Bristol University
M.B.E., M.A.(Dunelm.), Ph.D.(Wales), PGCE (FE)

Abantee Harun
Assistant Professor
General Education Department, ULAB
MPhil, Social Anthropology
University of Oxford

Syeda Shagufe Hossain
Founder and Executive Director
Leaping Boundaries
Master’s Degree, Education, and Society, Gender Studies Option
McGill University

Rigan Chakma
Senior Lecturer
Global Political Economy, Sociology, and Bangladesh Studies, ULAB
Master’s Degree, International Relations
University of Dhaka

Lumbini Barua
Social Researcher, Ph. D. Candidate
Virginia Tech University
Master’s Degree, Educational Evaluation and Research
University of Dhaka

Farzana Ahmed
MEAL Coordinator
Action Against Hunger
Start Fund Bangladesh
Master’s Degree, Development Economics and International Development
York University

Fahmida Rahman
Lecturer, Political Science
BRAC University
Master’s Degree, Public Policy and Management
University of Glasgow


To learn more details about the course please contact the following members of CES:

Sajid Amit
Director, CES
Email: [email protected]

Imran Newaz Khurshid
Project Manager
Email: [email protected]

Iftakhar Ahmed
Research and Admin Officer
Email: [email protected]