• CES Business Podcast "E-commerce in Bangladesh: A Sleeping Giant's Wake":
    Chaldal.com was first launched in 2013 and was one of the first grocery delivery startups. And now it is the country’s second-largest grocery player and the largest grocery e-commerce platform. Tune in to CES Business Podcast, Episode 1: E-commerce in Bangladesh: A Sleeping Giant’s Wake to know more about Chaldal.com from its very own CEO, Mr. Waseem Alim, and our host Professor Imran Rahman, Special Advisor to the Board of Trustees talks about how it reached to its success.

  • CES Business Podcast "Ridesharing, Impact of COVID-19 and the future of Startups":
    Pathao is one of Bangladesh's most well-funded businesses and the first major ride-sharing service provider in Bangladesh to receive an enlisting certificate from Bangladeshi authorities in 2019. But due to the covid-19 pandemic and the government issued lockdown, they had to halt all their services. Tune in to CES Business Podcast, Episode2: Ridesharing, Impact of COVID-19, and the Future of Startups to know more about Pathao from its very own President, Mr. Fahim Ahmed himself and our host Associate Professor Sajid Amit, Director of CES, ULAB talks about how it reached to its success and faced the challenges during the lockdown.


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