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ces-logo-2The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh’s Center for Enterprise and Society (CES) seeks to advance understanding of the opportunities and challenges to entrepreneurship and enterprise development in Bangladesh through objective, academic study.

Why “enterprise and society“? The solutions to the challenges confronting enterprise development in Bangladesh go far beyond entrepreneurs and the private sector. At the most basic level, Bangladesh’s business development depends on improving its human resources. In addition, civil society and average ordinary citizens have an important role to play in overcoming a host of challenges impacting our business climate. These range from traffic problems, to power availability, to urban planning. As such, we believe there is a strong relationship between enterprise and societal development.

The Center is exploring these themes in three broad areas:

  • Conducting academic research
  • Encouraging public engagement and debate
  • Improving university education

The Center is directed by Dr. Daniel M. Sabet, a former Fulbright Fellow who earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University under the direction of Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom. He joins ULAB from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington DC, where he remains an affiliated researcher.

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