University Review Series Part V: Cracking US Business Schools – Dhaka Tribune

The stardom of American Business Schools fascinate the dreams of professionals around the world, potential or alumni. To follow suite, Bangladesh is close behind, with the local corporate culture frequently conversing about Hollywood productions about Wall Street, as well as top Business schools of the US.

In this section of the University Review Series, CES Director Sajid Amit, thus discusses the strategies for a shot at these prestigious institutions.

The Personal Statement. It absolutely yearns uniqueness. Despite an established profession, with distinguished local image, the applicant needs to be able to highlight it appropriately. The director suggests being able to see the broader picture and how the applicant’s forethought academic experience can expand his professional outcomes. The director exemplifies this from different career perspectives.

From other application materials, he prioritizes the GMAT, a proven screening strategy to find the more diverse analyzers. Work experience also matters, those which speak acutely from the right set of recommenders, with greatly focused recommendations.

An interesting selection criteria for applicants from NGOs are reasoned in this article, which you can read in the link.

October 10 : Cracking US Business Schools

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