University Review Series Part III: SOAS

The third sequel of the review University Review Series brings forth the well-known, rich in history and culture, a section of the University of London – School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

The historical context lights up with the founding principles of this institution – experimenting and advancing British knowledge of all its colonies during the British Empire. Since WWII, the university has refocused towards training students from past colonized Asia and Africa, through research and scholarship, in an effort to give back.

SOAS is particularly attractive for its School of Law. South Asians have been well educated there and many foreign students recieve places in that school. Its other departments like Arts & Humanities, Developmental Studies are socio-culturally diverse.

Boasting as one of the highest internationally diverse student body from 140 countries, half of which have also been female in 2014-15 rankings.

Situated in the renowned student-friendly city London, SOAS allows inter-institutional participation under the University of London umbrella. London, also promotes students-life by offering discounts to large variety of things.

As an alumni of SOAS, the Director of CES vouches for the institute as a powerful and lively place for learning. Traditional students might however, take a while to adjust to the parties, politics, and particular scope towards post-colonial culture, if they at all choses to do so.

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