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In the second part of the University Review series, the highlight is on Columbia University. This institute,  is one of the oldest, largest and most dynamic Ivy League institutions. A presumed edge for us is that Columbia has long taken several Bangladeshi students in its undergraduate degree program, specifically its policy school, and even has a group called Club Bangla.

Situated in Manhattan, around Morningside Heights, the campus has a flourishing eco-system and recreational facilities within walking distance. It is one of the most socio-economically diverse colleges with a better adaptability than other US universities, where the spirit of activism is ingrained within the administration, faculty and hence its student body.

The university however, has a low acceptance rate of 6.04% which reflects the significance of world leaders in their alumni pool: Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Warren Buffett to name a few among many others, who are revolutionary people in our world.

Requirements for a place in this renowned school? CES Director and Alumni of Columbia University Sajid Amit recommends a great application is a must, complimented by 700+ SAT scores in each of the components, specifically the written section for international applicants. SAT II results is also a very common piece of the successful applications. Mandatory for US universities, the application essay is crucial, which should illustrate how Columbia can help one’s ambitions, vision for your own country, Columbia’s values, its internationalist perspective and its Core Curriculum program in relation to one’s educational dreams.

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September 5: University Review Series Part II

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