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In the first of the five part series of reviews of top US and UK-based universities, the Director of Center for Enterprise and Society focuses on one of the Ivy League schools in the US, Dartmouth College. He commends the setting of this institution: a large enough campus, excellent outdoor activity facilities, a highly respectful teacher-student ratio of 7:1, along with an astounding alumni network who are accessible to the entire student body.

To enrich an educational experience, Dartmouth requires various liberal arts electives to diversify knowledge delivery. Of rankings, Dartmouth is seen to do exceedingly well: Ranked #1 for undergraduate teaching at national universities in the US from 2010-2013 as well as Ranked #2 in 2016, Dartmouth prides itself with a ranking of #2 for Best Alumni Network recently, which houses Rhode Scholars, Pulitzer winners, Senate Representatives, billionaires and others. It also boasts a strong business school: The Tuck School of Business has a management program ranked #6 nationally.

Admissions to this college is competitive. A 10% international admissions rate however, extends all the facilities for an international applicant, given with its reputation, they have high SAT scores and a killer college application essay, not to mention the other relevant application accessories.

Read more to find out Sajid Amit’s commentary, himself a Dartmouth alumni.
September 4: University Review Series Part I


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